Netflix and Amazon Are Now Considering IMAX Theatrical Releases


Even though Netflix and Amazon are still young in the theatrical releasing game, they are now setting their sights for something a little bigger. According to IMAX CEO Richard Gelfond, the streaming service giants are looking at releasing some of their films in IMAX. According to THR, he says, “We’re in active discussions with all of the streaming [services] about an IMAX release.”

He went on to talk about how this would help give them an opening day for their big tentpole releases and says, they recognize that "the number one way to event-size the size [of a movie] is in IMAX." Gelfond then added:

“The closest analogy I have is, if an airline said to you, you can sit in first class and drink champagne or you can sit in the back row. So where are people going to go? I noticed from informal discussions that a lot of them are going to IMAX.”

I personally prefer watching movies in IMAX. It’s just got the best picture quality. It makes sense for some of these big projects that the streaming services are developing to get a theatrical event premiere. Why not got all out with IMAX?

Makes me wonder if they will actually start shooting their films in IMAX as well. What do you think about the possibility of streaming services releasing movies in IMAX?

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